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CIG started its First Shopping Complex in 2012 in Muhaisenah, Dubai. CIG now runs two shopping complex and one shopping mall. CIG has also started constructing two more shopping malls in Jebal Ali & Muhaisenah .

CIG shopping complex & Malls are located on the best areas to provide best quality services to the retailers & shoppers. By end of 2017 CIG has an over 1 Million square feet shopping are in Dubai.CIG has plans to start Shopping Malls in another GCC & Middle East.

Shopping Complexes :
CIG Shopping Complex 1, Muhaisenah, Dubai.
Central Shopping Complex 2, Muhaisenah, Dubai.
CIG Shopping Mall 3, Muhaisenah, Dubai
CIG Shopping Complex 4, Muhaisenah, Dubai
CIG Central Mall, Jebal Ali, Industrial Area 7, Dubai
CIG Central Mall, Jebal Ali, Industrial Area 1, Dubai
Retail – Step to Success

Gulf Stream &
Grand Child

CIG Started retail in 1978, the company now has eleven retail outlets in Dubai. CIG started Grand Child in 1982 and Gulf Stream in 1992 which has developed into several stores across Dubai.

CIG has retail in various products like Garments, Hand Bags, Leather Products, Footwear, Travel Accessories, Electricals, Kids Store, Café etc. CIG is going to expand its business into Shopping Malls & other GCC Countries.

Healthcare Group

Medicom commenced its journey as a retail pharmacy group in 1996 and the strong impulse to perform has natured its growth over the last twenty years. Starting with one store, at present the organization has over 28 retail outlets consisting of Pharmacies catering to an average annual customer base of more than million walkins.

Medicom is committed to deliver excellent growth in turnover and profitability by expanding its number of outlets and increasing presence to triple the current store in the coming two years, increasing the current store to 100 by end of 2020. The company operates a network of pharmacies located in business districts and other strategies and employs over 580professionals, it basically dealt with Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Healthcare and Surgical products.

Up Coming Projects

Ali Baba Hyper Market
Muhaisenah Shopping Mall 5

Crescent International Group , Centurion Star Tower, Deira, Dubai, UAE.

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